"• The countries with the highest prison population rate – that is, the number of prisoners per 100,000 of the national population – are the United States (629 per 100,000), followed by Rwanda (580), Turkmenistan (576), El Salvador (564), Cuba (510), Palau (478), British Virgin Islands (447), Panama (436), St Kitts & Nevis (423), Grenada (413), Thailand (412), U.S. Virgin Islands (394), Bahamas (392), Uruguay (383) and Brazil (381).

"• By contrast, more than half of all countries and territories (53%) have rates below 150 per 100,000.

"• The world prison population rate, based on United Nations estimates of national population levels, is 140 per 100,000."

(Editor's Note: In the World Prison Population report, "prisoners" includes people incarcerated in both prisons and jails in the US.)


Fair, Helen, and Walmsley, Roy, World Prison Population List (Thirteenth Edition), London, England: International Centre for Prison Studies, School of Law at Birkbeck, University of London.