"A reported 20,093 inmates with HIV/AIDS were in custody in state or federal prison at yearend 2010, down from 20,880 at yearend 2009 (table 1).

"The reported number of state inmates with HIV/AIDS decreased from 19,290 in 2009 to 18,515 in 2010. The number of federal inmates with HIV/AIDS also declined, from 1,590 in 2009 to 1,578 in 2010.

"California, Florida, New York, and Texas each reported holding more than 1,000 inmates with HIV/AIDS at yearend 2010. These states held 51% (9,492) of all state prisoners with HIV/AIDS.

"Among state and federal inmates with HIV/AIDS at yearend 2010, 18,337 were male and 1,756 were female, compared to 19,027 male and 1,853 female inmates at yearend 2009 (table 2)."


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