"People who use heroin over the long term may develop:


"collapsed veins for people who inject the drug

"damaged tissue inside the nose for people who sniff or snort it

"infection of the heart lining and valves

"abscesses (swollen tissue filled with pus)

"constipation and stomach cramping

"liver and kidney disease

"lung complications, including pneumonia

"mental disorders such as depression and antisocial personality disorder

"sexual dysfunction for men

"irregular menstrual cycles for women

"Other Potential Effects

"Heroin often contains additives, such as sugar, starch, or powdered milk, that can clog blood vessels leading to the lungs, liver, kidneys, or brain, causing
permanent damage. Also, sharing drug injection equipment and having impaired judgment from drug use can increase the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis (see "Injection Drug Use, HIV, and Hepatitis")."


NIDA. Heroin DrugFacts. National Institute on Drug Abuse website. June 1, 2021 Accessed July 9, 2021.