"The phenomenon of new psychoactive substances (NPS) is an ongoing problem in modern forensic toxicology. One of the most important groups among NPS are synthetic cathinones, which are derivatives of cathinone, a natural alkaloid found in the shrub Catha edulis. This substance has been shown to have psychoactive properties, with a widespread centuries-old tradition among the Arabian Peninsula population of chewing the leaves of this plant for recreational purposes [1,2,3]. The last decade has been characterized by a remarkable dynamism of change in the illicit drug market with the constant introduction of new substances synthesized to circumvent regulation. This phenomenon has also applied to synthetic cathinones [4,5,6]. Due to the highly variable nature of the NPS phenomenon, the latest emerging derivatives are largely unknown in terms of their pharmacological properties and toxicity; hence, most of the relevant information is obtained from reported cases of both fatal and non-fatal intoxication [7,8,9]."


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