"The high prevalence of mental health issues among the homeless population has been extensively documented throughout literature, but the consumption of NPS to treat mental health symptoms is of particular concern (Gray et al., 2021; Irving et al., 2015; McLeod et al., 2016; Ralphs et al., 2021). One study demonstrated that the homeless use SCRA to escape from the realities of the streets and provide relief from physical and mental health conditions, similar to the motivations for using cannabis, heroin and crack cocaine within the population (Fountain and Howes 2002; Link, 2014; Peacock et al., 2019)."


Coombs, T., Ginige, T., Van Calster, P. et al. New Psychoactive Substances in the Homeless Population: A Cross-Sectional Study in the United Kingdom. Int J Ment Health Addiction (2023). doi.org/10.1007/s11469-022-00988-7