"Local jails held 87,200 more persons at midyear 2021 (636,300) than at midyear 2020 (549,100), after an unprecedented decrease of 185,300 the year before due to the COVID-19 pandemic (figure 1; table 1). As a result of these changes, the jail population at midyear 2021 was 13% smaller than before the pandemic’s onset.

"At midyear 2021, 29% of jail inmates (185,000) were convicted, either serving a sentence or awaiting sentencing on a conviction, while 71% of inmates (451,400) were unconvicted, awaiting court action on a current charge or held in jail for other reasons (table 5). The percentage of the jail population that was unconvicted increased from 61% to 71% over the last 10 years. This was due to a decrease of 104,600 convicted inmates during this period. The number of unconvicted persons increased by 34,700 from 2011 to 2019, which was offset by a decrease of 29,300 from 2019 to 2021."


Zhen Zeng, PhD. Jail Inmates In 2021 - Statistical Tables. Washington, DC: US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics. December 2022. NCJ304888.