"Although the area planted with coca remains stable, 21.5% of the existing coca fields in 2011 were originated in the felling of primary forests that existed in 2010; this percentage of participation is 3 points higher than the one reported in 2010. In the period 2001-2011, 583,926 hectares have been cultivated with coca at some point, and 245,382 of these hectares were formerly covered by forests.
"In the period 2000-2001, 55,000 hectares of forest were felled to plant coca, while in the period 2010-2011 deforestation reached 23,000 hectares, from which 60 % corresponded to primary forests of high complexity, biodiversity and richness.
"In 2001, the percentage of coca plots that have their origin in deforestation was 48% and it progressively decreased to 27% in 2006. A trend to the increase in deforestation for coca cultivation started as of this year and in 2011 36 % of the area under coca cultivation is originated in deforestation of primary or secondary forests; in 2010, this amount reached 35%."


"Colombia Coca Cultivation Survey 2011," United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, July 2012, p. 18.