"ƒ At midyear 2022, 30% (197,000) of the jail population was convicted, either serving a sentence or awaiting sentencing on a conviction, while 70% (466,100) was unconvicted, awaiting court action on a current charge or held in jail for other reasons (tables 5 and 6).

"ƒ From midyear 2012 to midyear 2022, the number of convicted persons in jail decreased 33%, while the number of unconvicted persons increased 3% (table 5).

"ƒ An estimated 76% (505,700) of the jail population was held for a felony offense at midyear 2022, up from 69% at midyear 2017 (tables 5 and 6).

"ƒ A total of 122,800 persons were held in jail for a misdemeanor at midyear 2022, down from 194,700 at midyear 2017 (table 5).

"ƒ The number of persons in jail for probation violations fell from 97,500 at midyear 2019 to 91,600 at midyear 2022. During this period, the number held for violating the conditions of their parole rose from 28,900 to 32,200 (table 7)."


Zhen Zeng, PhD. Jail Inmates In 2022 - Statistical Tables. Washington, DC: US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics. December 2023. NCJ307086.