"• There is an increase in the total number of police reports of Opium Act offences in 2011.
"• There is an increase in both hard and soft drugs reports compared to 2010. The increase in soft drugs exceeds the increase in hard drugs offences. The number of reports of combinations of both hard and soft drugs has decreased. This type of cases forms a minority.
"• The proportion of hard drugs and soft drugs offences remained more or less constant compared to 2010. In 2011, there are almost as many hard drugs as soft drugs reports. There is an increase in the proportion of soft drugs offences since 2009. This increase is confirmed by the Netherlands Police Agency, who assume that the increase is a result of the intensified enforcement efforts directed at cannabis production (Nationaal Netwerk Drugsexpertise 2012).
"• 7% of all the police reports concern Opium Act offences in 2011. This proportion increased compared to 2010.
"• Most arrestees for Opium Act offences are male. Most of the arrestees have more than one criminal report. For 42%, the 2011 offence is the first registered offence (of all possible offences, not only Opium Act offences; not in table)."


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