"On 7 February 2012 the report of the National Substance Misuse Strategy Steering Group was launched (Department of Health 2012a). In 2009, having decided to include alcohol in a national substance misuse strategy, the government established this steering group, chaired by the Department of Health, to advise on a new strategy. The steering group was drawn from relevant government departments and agencies, medical professional bodies, the community and voluntary sectors and the alcohol industry. Its terms of reference were to:
"? set out an evidence-based framework identifying effective policies and actions to tackle the harm caused to individuals and society by alcohol use and misuse;
"? decide on appropriate structures and frameworks for an effective and efficient implementation plan for the National Substance Misuse Strategy;
"? align, as far as possible, the proposed policies and actions with the existing pillars of the National Drugs Strategy; and
"? make proposals for an overall National Substance Misuse Strategy, incorporating the National Drugs Strategy 2009–2016.
"The steering group adopted a population-based approach. Its report contains 45 recommendations under the supply, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and research pillars ((Mongan 2012c), (Mongan 2012a))."


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