"In Spain, there are different types of centres and resources serving the purpose of preventing drug-related emergencies and reducing drug-related deaths.
"Worthy of special note are the mobile units which go to different places where there are marginal drug users who do not come in to the treatment centres in order to furnish them with socio-sanitary support and prevent drug-related emergencies (outreach programmes). The 30 mobile units that were providing service in 2010 dispensed care for a total of 9,653 users.
"These mobile units also total 8.09% of the methadone-dispensing points. This substance is always prescribed by a qualified professional.
"In short, the mobile units are multipurpose, generally walk-up-access vehicles, the missions of which include: carrying out opiate replacement (methadone) treatments, taking samples, running diagnostic tests, providing first aid and preventing or aiding in drug use-related emergencies, as well as taking action in cases of danger of drug-related deaths."


Government Delegation of National Plan on Drugs (Reitox National Focal Point for Spain), "2012 National Report (2011 Data) to the EMCDDA: Spain: New Development, Trends and in-depth information on selected issues" (Madrid, Spain: DGPNSD, Dec. 2012), pp. 188-189.