"Around 19% of all students had used tranquilisers at least once for a non-medical reason (Table 5.5). Use was higher among older students (12 year olds: 15%; 17 year olds: 22%). Past month use was low across all ages (5%) and only 3% had used tranquilisers in the past week.

"Sources of tranquilisers
"Parents were the most common source of tranquilisers for students who had used them for non-medicinal reasons in the past year (65%, Table 5.6). Reported use of prescribed tranquilisers for non-medicinal reasons might include incorrectly reported medical use.

"Changes in tranquiliser use over time
"Overall, lifetime, past month, and past week tranquiliser use was higher in 2017 than 2011 (Table 5.7)."