"Use of painkillers or analgesics (e.g., Disprin, Panadol, or Nurofen) is common among secondary students. Ninety-five per cent of students had ever used an analgesic, and around two-thirds of students had used them in the past month (Table 5.1).

"Use increased with age (e.g., past month use by 12 year olds: 55%; 17 year olds: 71%) and was higher among female than male students for lifetime, past year, past month, and past week.

"Among past year users, 52% of females and 42% of males had used analgesics 10 or more times in this period, while 16% of males and 11% of females had used analgesics only once or twice. Regular use (10 or more times) was higher among females than males at older ages.

"Of students who had used analgesics in the past week, 70% of males and 68% of females had used them once or twice."