"In 2010, the number of recorded drug-related deaths was 204. When considering the whole period, 1995-2010, the number of deaths fluctuate between 200-250. The number of deaths reached a rock bottom low in 2010 with 204 recorded deaths. In 2010, men accounted for 77 % (158) of all drug-related deaths. During the other years, their share of drug-related deaths is between 69% and 74%.
"Statistics based on the National Commissioner of Police's register
"From the mid-1990s (figure 6.4.2), the number of deaths recorded in the register of the National Commissioner's has been more or less constant, however with annual fluctuations (see table 6.4.1 of the annex). In 2011, 285 drug-related deaths were recorded, and this is the highest number ever. Out of the 285 deaths, 81% were men (232) and 19% were women (53).
"The average age at death has gone up for many years. In 1993, the average age was 33 years, whereas in 2011, it was 40.4 years, ie 39.6 years for men and 43.9 years for women, respectively. The proportion of young people under the age of 30 years accounted for 19 per cent of all drug-related deaths in 2011 (the rate was 22% in 2010).
"Out of the 285 deaths in 2011, 76% (218) was caused by poisonings after the intake of one or several drugs, whereas 24% (67) was due to another type of drug-related death - for instance violence, accident other than poisoning, illness or an unknown cause of
"As it appears in Table 6.4.3 below, 24 % of all poisonings (53 out of 218) were caused by heroin/morphine or heroin/morphine in combination with another drug, whereas 52% of the poisonings (114 out of 218) were caused by methadone or methadone in combination with another drug. 23% of the poisonings (51 out of 218) are caused by other drugs."


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