"At yearend 2010, state and federal prisons held a reported 20,093 inmates who had HIV or AIDS, down from 20,880 at yearend 2009. As a result of this decline, the estimated rate of HIV/AIDS among prisoners in custody dropped from 151 HIV/AIDS cases per 10,000 inmates in 2009 to 146 per 10,000 in 2010. The number of state and federal inmates who died from AIDS-related causes also declined between 2009 and 2010, from 94 to 72 deaths. During the same period, the rate of AIDS-related deaths among inmates with HIV/AIDS declined from 47 deaths per 10,000 inmates to 38 per 10,000."


Maruschak, Laura M. HIV In Prisons, 2001-2010. Washington, DC: US Dept. of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics. NCJ 238877. Sept. 2012.