"Throughout the 1990s the seizures of several drugs have increased. Particularly seizures of amphetamines and heroin have gone up significantly during the period, in numbers but also in kilos. Increase in seizures holds true also for LSD, ecstasy and cocaine, but at much lower and more fluctuating levels.
"Heroin and amphetamine prices have decreased significantly during the decade. Ecstasy and LSD prices fluctuate and the price intervals reported are considerable, probably due to limited availability. Cocaine and cannabis prices remain relatively unchanged and also the cannabis seizures have more or less hovered during the 1990s, both in numbers and size (apart from the very high figures of 1999).
"To sum up: availability of particularly heroin and amphetamines seem to have increased during the 1990s and there are no signs of this these trends to taper off."


Swedish National Institute of Public Health & Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs, "National Report: Sweden 2002" (Lisboa, Portugal: European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, 2003), p. 35.