Global Review Shows Most Countries Lack Adequate HIV Prevention Resources

"A systematic review undertaken in 2017 of the coverage of interventions to prevent and manage HIV and hepatitis C among PWID showed that needle and syringe programmes were available in only 52 per cent of countries where injecting drug use was reported, while opioid substitution therapy was confirmed to be available in 48 per cent of countries worldwide. In addition, only 34 countries were identified as providing HIV-testing programmes for PWID.119 Besides providing an opportunity to deliver prevention messages and connect patients to health-care and support services, HIV testing services are also a critical entry point to antiretroviral therapy and are therefore a crucial component of HIV prevention programmes. Global data on antiretroviral therapy coverage are scarce. Access to antiretroviral therapy varies considerably, but coverage is reported to be consistently low, with only 8 per cent of people in need receiving effective antiretroviral therapy in the WHO European Region and PWID only accounting for 20 per cent of people receiving that therapy.120"


World Drug Report 2020. Booklet Two: Drug Use and Health Consequences. June 2020. United Nations publication, Sales No. E.20.XI.6).